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You can’t imagine……what MUSIC can do to you !!!

You can’t imagine……what MUSIC can do to you !!!

At some point or the other, we have smiled/cried/got naughty/got inspired etc. just by listening to music. It has so much power that it can make our day or even break it. These are the things we are familiar with.

BUT, there are so many hidden powers in music which can make you true rockstar of your life. Before exposing those secrets, let me remind you what Spiderman said With great power comes great responsibility


1. It can make you look young

You will not believe it but it’s actually true. For supporting this, let me remind you the party where your favorite teenage song was played (like Summers of 69 and Ek pal ka jeena for me). And the very next moment, you will find yourself grooving to that number like you used to. And to your surprise, you actually look so young at that time. So, next time, take your party pics while listening to your old school favorites ;)


2. It can make you healthy, wealthy and wise

Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to go early to bed and to rise early to attain this. Just reading this article would do the work. :D

Do you know that there is a therapy called as Music Therapy!! The way you handle music can actually cure many ailments (including heart and neurological disorders). Several studies have been conducted which clearly point the positive results of music on our body. So, next time you get ill, just take a music pill. Ohh Wow !!… rhymed ;)


3. It can make your sex life….awesome

Music can boost up our mood not only in bad times but in bed times as well.

It is a known fact that listening music increases dopamine levels. This in turn makes our body well prepared for a sex drive with greater passion. Specifically music with lower tones having a bit bass makes our body to respond in the best way. That’s why never go for rock or loud pop music. Try jazz or medium paced instrumentals (not slower ones). So, next time you go for quality time, just plug in to some quality music first (along with lighting candles…of course).


4. It can stress /de-stress you

Not only positives, but negatives are also associated with music. That’s the reason why we not always smile or be happy listening to music. Many a times, we cry/feel low or even get irritated(other than listening Dhinchak Pooja…..Oh God !! what I just remember !!)

But, on a serious note, you do get serious listening to music and at that time you become stressed out especially by connecting any bad memory with that music. Similarly, if you have any good memory associated with any kind of music, it will make you get rid off all the tensions at that time. So, next time your stressed out day hits a low note , just tune in to some favorite tunes.


5. It can make you intelligent

I fell in love with Albert because he played Mozart so beautifully on the violin. He also plays the piano. Music helps him when he is thinking about his theories.
         - Elsa, second wife of Albert Einstein.

It is seen in studies that music creates a neural structure in our brain which helps us think more efficiently. Remember those days, when we used to cram the element periodic table for chemistry exams. Or even making a song of some tough words /formulae/equations/what not !!
I hope this is making sense now. So, next time you feel hard to remember anything; just remember to connect it with a song!!


It is the way you inculcate music in your life which will decide if you can harness its powers to the fullest. I hope this article will help in making you musical and hence achieving your worthy goals.

Signing off with a hope to embrace a melody called life.