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Our Starters of International Music

Our Starters of International Music

Most of us would have thought of ‘Brazil’ from Vangaboys or Backstreet’s ‘’ song as the starting point. But the fact is that we all started our English songs, the sensible one with understandable lyrics with Enrique Iglesias.

It was MTV Select with its anchor Nikhil Chinappa who gave us the starting point to explore the international music. If we remember, Rhythm Divine would be the most loved song and what not from The Enrique Iglesias. His voice, specially the husk and for girls, his looks (actually for boys also….to be inspiration in teenage as you have that much beard only).

Then, the journey continued from song request in school fete to song recording in audio cassette and then in CDs from Bryan Adams to Britney Spears. How can we forget Shakiraand her booty shaking ‘Whenever-Whenever’. It was really one of a kind. At that age, we didn’t know about the drop beat but now we can connect with her song.

Then came LP, our most loved rock band, The Linkin Park. I am using The before their name as really mean it. They have been Epic, and by Epic I mean it, literally. Numb has actually made me numb for quite a long time and the new divide of Transformers have given all of us goose bumps. Somebody , in my friends circle told me that the lead singer got throat cancer for screaming so loud and you won’t believe that I started worrying for him as my girlfriend till I came to know the truth.

But let me be frank and honest, that time when we used to have collection of music, it was way different than that of listening it anytime on YT(YouTube). We used to devote our time, had craze for collecting the rarest of the song we could know about. Even for impressing anyone, we used to cram the lyrics and present it. Such was a beautiful time. But as I said to be honest, it helps till date even ;)

Though we don’t have these songs in our list anymore but whenever they are played, they stuck a chord and made us enthralled.

Signing off with the humming node !!