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Kick-starters for your Kickass Day(s)

Kick-starters for your Kickass Day(s)

It is well said that “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. So planning your day is equal to planning your successful day. And as it is also rightly said that “Well begin is half done”. Though starting the day perfectly need some smart preparations done on previous day itself like setting the clothes you would wear, arranging the material for breakfast etc. But as you are smart enough to do them by your own, hence we are jumping on the final day – The Judgement Day ;)

So, here we are with some better beginnings which can make incredible change to yourday and if done continuously then they can change your days incredibly.


1. Good and Smart Alarm

I know….I really know that the alarm is the biggest enemy on anyone’s life especially when you are in your dreams. But still, it is also a fact that it helps us to get up to make those dreams come true in reality. The key here is to set up an alarm which you can’t snooze. And the next question is How?? The answer is by downloading alarm apps(like Alarmy) which doesn’t let you snooze the alarm until you do the pre-set task like solving maths equation. I know it’s funny but is helpful. Do remember, the tone should be mild enough to keep your temperament in control.


2. More than sufficient Time Interval

This is one of the most important things we never pay attention to. We always become maths genius by calculating only that much time which is required for getting ready. But the fact is that we require at least 20% more time to have joyfull start. Lesser the time, more is the frustration. And you would never want to start your precious day with that kind of feeling. Isn’t it? So, plan your alarm accordingly so that you can enjoy the time rather than competing with it.


3. Having Bath with favourite music create wonders

It is the best opportunity to be in the procedure of getting ready and also being delighted at the same time. Having bath rejuvenateyour body and blending it with good piece of music rejuvenate your mind and soul as well. So, create your playlist offline or let YouTube do the job by making it on ‘AutoPlay’ mode and let the daily party begin at the beginning of the day.


4. Do something you like to do the most

It’s the best mantra which suits everyone as it is for everyone. You like one thing or the other and doing that one thing in the morning itself guarantees your full day.(Exceptions accepted if that thing can be done at night only like riding bike at night etc.) So, maybe for a little time but you should do. Like if you like reading, go for a couple of pages of your favourite book. If you like dancing ,some body moves may move your day’s boredom. So, start by recognising your favourite work and then arrange some minutes for it as you have sufficient time now (as point no.2)


5. Love to Eat, Eat to be Loved

It is seen that those who eat good food in the morning have better day in whole. You are what you think is commonly known but for a foodie like me, you are what you eat. Just imaginehow much having almonds with honey in winters or having your favourite ice cream scoop in summers can make you feel awesome. Not more, but even a bite of your favourite chocolate can change your negative feelings into super positive. So , do have ration of your favourite things to eat at home…always. Now, that’s what actually is called as “daily dose”.


6. Exercise(Only If you want to)

This is the point everyone put stress upon when the word morning thing comes to anyone’s mind. I deeply believe in exercising but not specific to a particular time. That’s why I put stress on exercise but not necessary in morning as it depends from person to person. In fact in some cases exercising early in the morning results in fatigue and frustration for the whole day hence a spoiler.


7. Do Not Read News/Mails as the first thing

A big NO to these conventional method to start your day as it will always demoralise you dishearten you or make your mood even worse. Reason being our mind attracted to negative first. Daily if you read/watch news , your mind will start your day with the negative news being the –ve magnet and same in the case of emails as they never give us joy but instead will get anxious of the work. So, prepare your mind first for the upcoming blasts and then start accepting them one by one. And also never subscribe to news apps as they always ping you with the unnecessary information. Instead go to google news whenever you want to go through and have glimpse for every category and from various sources and that too live and unbiased.


So, I hope these pin points will serve you as kickass starters for your days to come


Signing off with lots of positivity!!