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How to be “Less Emotional”

How to be “Less Emotional”

At some point or the other, we have faced this situation of wondering that how great it would have been if we would be less emotional. In this article, we will be discussing some ways of actually being less emotional and more productive.

First of all, let me be straightforward that being emotional is not bad, as we all are human beings and it is a part of stimuli-response system that God has given us in our characteristic. But having said so, I also would like to say that making important decision on that emotional state is also not recommended. So, it is very necessary to see the thin line difference of being hearty and minded.

Let’s start by charting out some points


Be Busy

It is better to be logical than being emotional sometimes so the best thing is to be material friendly as the non-livings make you believe in logic and not the emotions. You would be more practical, more mature and will deal with people in a less emotional way. Also change your things often. Start by changing your ringtone, then, maybe your hairstyle. This will detach and re-attach you giving you emotional freedom and hence you will be believer of change.


Write and Read what you want daily

It is seen that whatever you see, your mind automatically decide it for you. So , if  you decide to be less emotional, then write it and read it daily so that whenever you face that deciding situation , you remember that page and your firm decision makes you decide what you have promised yourself and not what your temporary desires want.


Slow and Steady wins the race

Just relax and change the things from the ground level, like change the things you are attached with, it can be your favourite keychain, your favourite poster or anything which seems to be attached with you. Just get rid of it and believe me you are doing it for greater good so don’t you worry. Just start it and see the magic. You will be more fearless, bold and charismatic in few days.


Stop Procrastination. Just Stop It, somehow.....anyhow

This is actually very difficult on everyone’s part but is to be done as it is that much crucial also. We always try to put our figures in the free flow of our imaginative mind. Thinking about someone actually make you feel about that person psychology. It is indeed in our control to continue thinking the same thing if we can’t stop its starting point. And, never give yourself an excuse that because you are thinking of one person so you have to generate feeling also for him/her. The best way is to proactively delete the things related to that feeling.The mantra is “Less Seen, Less On Mind, Less In Heart”.


Start taking some tough decisions....Start with small ones

When you start taking small but tough decisions then you are preparing yourself for the big decisions of life and that too being less emotional.