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25 Best Whatsapp jokes that are so funny to make you LOL

25 Best Whatsapp jokes that are so funny to make you LOL

Jokes are the best way to make someone happy and reduce anyone's stress. Here we come up with the 25 best jokes that you can forward your friends immediatly.


1. Chak De India feeling while driving

When you drive in UP you get that chak de india feeling.
Isne left indicator chalu kiya hai ye left mudega
Par nahi iska face right ki taraf hai ye right mudega.
Ya khuda ye to bich raaste me chal raha hai ye thookne ke liye rukega.


2. Two mad men..

Two mad men organized to run away from the mental hospital.
They started planning and agreed that they will go to the gate, beat up the security man, then open the gate and run away...   
Next day when they reached the gate, the security man was not there and the gate was wide open... They exclaimed, "Damn!!! OUR PLAN HAS FAILED, LETS GO BACK WE Will TRY TOMORROW".


3. Who discovered America?

TEACHER: Maria, go to the map and find North America .
MARIA: Here it is.

TEACHER: Correct. Now class, who discovered America ?
CLASS: Maria.


4. Same dog

TEACHER: Clyde , your composition on ‘My Dog’ is exactly the same as your brother’s.. Did you copy his?

CLYDE : No sir, It’s the same dog.


5. Husband and wife

The husband: “My love, if you learned how to cook we could dismiss the maid and save money, don’t you think?”

His wife: “Of course’! And if you learned how to make love we could dismiss the driver, don’t you think?”


6. Adam and Eve

Adam goes to the Lord.

Adam: “Can I ask you a question?”

God: “Yes, my son.”

Adam: “Why did you make Eve so beautiful?”

God: “So you could love her.”

Adam: “Well, why did you make her so stupid?”

God: “So she could love you.”


7. Marwadi Man

Marwadi Man In ICU breathing his last breathe:

"My Wife R U Here?"
"Ya Dear"
"My Beti R U Here?"
"Ya Papa"
"My Son R U Here?"
"Yes Dad"

KAMEENO Fir Dukan Pe Kon Hai.


8. Dil koi mandir thodi hai

BOY- I Love you, come in my life & stay in my heart...!

GIRL - Sandal nikaalun kya?

BOY - Hat pagli! Mera dil koi MANDIR thodi hai, bindaas pehan kar aaja....


9. Punch of D Day...

Once A Man Asked God: "Why All Girls Are So Cute & Sweet, And All Wifes Are Always Angry
God Answered: Girls Are Made By Me ... And you make them Wife's..!!!
Your Problem You solve... !!!


10. Alia's Blutooth

Alia Bhatt goes to the dentist.

Dentist: yes Alia what can I do for you.

Alia: Doctor my bluetooth is not working. Can you fix it...!!!


11. Punjab to America

Santa makes call to airport: How long is the journey from Punjab to America??

Receptionist: 1 sec sir..

Santa disconnect n says, "Pee ke bethi hai kamini"


12. Signs of being a Lady

Three signs of being a lady :

1: Stressed :!!

2: Depressed :!!

3: But still well dressed :!!


13. Duckworth Lewis method

I argued... She argued...

I shouted... She shouted and then she cried

Result: She won by Duckworth Lewis method


14. Bad Grammer

She texted me: "your adorable."

I replied: "no, YOU'RE adorable."

Now she likes me, but all I did was point out her bad grammar


15. Main bhi adjust ho jau

Guy : I Love U

Gal : I m Married & I have a Husband, and I also have a Casual Boyfriend & have one Serious Extra Marital Affair

Guy (after a longggggggg pause): "Dekhle agar main bhi adjust ho jau..."


16. IAS Question

Guess the minimum area with maximum decoration!!

(This was asked in IAS exam!)

Topper's Answer was:



17. Ek thi Daayan

A Boy Called her Ex girlfriend,

Boy: hey i just saw a movie,
It reminded me of you, Miss you,

Girl: Awwww, Even i miss you too,

Konsi movie dekhi?

Boy: Ek thi Daayan


18. Any questions?

Science Professor: If a girl falls unconscious, give her mouth 2 mouth, blow air into her lungs and keep on pressing her chest with both your palms in quick succession...

Any Questions..?

Student : How to make her unconscious?


19. Smart answer

On a flight, a guy asked to a beautiful lady / Girl
sitting just next to him...

'Nice perfume.....
which one is it?...
I want to gift it to my wife...!!'

'Don't give her....some idiot will find an
excuse to talk to her...!'


20. No direct marketing

MBA student hugs a girl

Girl: what is this?

Boy: direct marketing

Girl: slaps a boy

Boy: what is this?

Girl: customer’s feedback


21. Ragging

A Senior Student During Ragging Says:
On Ur Marriage I Will Kiss Ur Wife

Junior Students reply:
Ok Fine Sir But I’m Going To Marry Ur


22. Naught Women

A Naughty Answer given by a Woman when asked :
"How you feel when any Man gives you
A Flying Kiss..??"

Woman : "I Hate such Lazy Men..!!"


23. Santa & Banta

Santa: My mother-in-law was bitten by a mad dog!
Banta: Oh! That's terrible.
Santa: Yes, it was sad to watch the dog die in convulsions.


24. Jee le apni Zindagi

Boy- I love u
Girl ne boy se pucha-
Me bhi tumhe 'I love U' kahu to kya karoge.
Boy- khushi se mar jaaunga.
Girl- Ja nahi kehti
Jee Le apni zindagi...


25. Enjoy ur Sunday

Husband: Today is sunday &
I have to enjoy it.
So i bought 3 movie tickets.
Wife: why three?
Husband: for u and ur parents.


If you find any of these jokes funny please share to your friends on whatsapp.

Stay Happy, Stay Blessed !!!