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7 changes no one can avoid after marrige

7 changes no one can avoid after marrige

Marriage of two people literally means marriage of two different world’s altogether. It is the second most sacred bond on this planet (first is parent-child bond) which binds everyone and everything from both sides. So, the big question that comes before marriage is what the changes that occur after marriage. Though, this question could be answered 100% correctly only when you’ll get married but by experiences of so many recently married people, we have gathered some major changes of which you could expect at least 70-80% in your life as well.


1. It gives you happiness, by heart

We have lived in a society where husband-wife jokes are so common that we have started believing that getting married is equivalent to getting sad. But, to your surprise, it is the opposite in reality. Getting married gives you a life partner and having this only in mind makes you feel happy that there is someone now for you. Even his/her existence only gives you the joy that comes by heart.


2. It makes you more sensible and hence more responsible person

Life after getting married makes perfect sense. Now you take care of people and things, which is actually good. You start thinking of a family as a whole. You start spending sensibly and try to earn more to save more. You take more care of relations now and get indulged in and as a family.


3. You become better decision maker

Better decision maker because you start taking decisions in your life which were taken by your guardians beforehand.  Decisions are now family oriented rather than taking self ahead. So, you decide for the family hence taking full ownership of your decisions make you wise…eventually.


4. You do things on priority basis now

Your priorities change, once you got married. Now you follow the hierarchy of fulfilling up first the needs, then the wants and then the luxuries and that too collectively as a family. You become logical in spending your money as well as time. You think more about your spouse and children as they become your top-most priority.


5. It changes the way you spend time

After marriage, you think of goals but not personal. You have to devote ample amount of time for family. You develop new choices which are mutual in nature. You start watching similar kind of shows and movies. You can say that a part of you born after marriage.


6. It makes you fit and fine

Fit because after marriage you definitely try to take care of your health as you have newly developed sense of responsibility (as in point no.2).  And fine because now you have someone you know would be there for taking your care. Someone who will share your feelings which itself creates a feeling that “All is fine”. These things make a lot of difference.


7. Marriage somewhat weakens your connectivity with family

This is a harsh reality we have to tell you for being honest that you somewhere loose the connection with your parents and siblings. This becomes truer if you are living away from family. Even if you communicate with your family daily or weekly but it is still not the same as the way it was before marriage. Having said that, I would also say that your parents get happier than ever to see you both together and happiness so this reality gets cop up with that new bond.


We have tried to be as much close to reality as we could in writing this article. Please let us know your thoughts also. Lastly, I would say that change is a must and it will happen but rather than worrying for it, be confident to cherish this golden phase of life.

Have a healthy and happy after-marriage life!!