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5 ways to take leave which seems to be genuine

5 ways to take leave which seems to be genuine

I still remember my first job which I hated, thinking of many ways that I could escape work. Now, things changed but the habit continued for a while. This is same like enjoying stealing apples from our neighborhood more than being served by our parents. Fun is no different.

Most of people take this subject very lightly. Taking one day off is probably good for breaking the monotony of work and way of increasing your efficiency at work.

So here we have 5 excuses and see what are the most often and good looking excuse you can use.


1. Sick Leave, but with a twist

Sick leave is considered to be the easiest one and the reason is taken to be the passing the eligibility criteria of suddenly taking leave. But , my friend as you know that your boss(or supervisor/manager/any pet name) , is in that post , he also would have taken such leaves in his times. So, now you should be smart enough to make him think what you want to instead of making him think that you are just presuming. So , the best way is to lie down on your bed on left side and then call your boss and tell him that you would be delayed(not late), as you are feeling so bad that you have vomited 3 times, but don’t forget to say that you will definitely attend office. In that case he should refuse and ask you to rest. If this doesn’t happen then go for making him believe from 2 days prior to leave by acting as a sick person.


2. Casual Leave

Pin point the pressure of your boss where he is interested in his own life. For example, if he is family oriented, then you should attend your family first (if you know what I mean). Also, ask for his suggestion as it would lead to no doubt case and you will be in clear position to enjoy your leave.


3. Bottle is always a solution

As it is always observed, every facility comes with a price, so the price is a bottle’s price. You should never be hesitated to ask your boss to go out for some booze. If he agrees, then without any ado, just gift him a single malt whisky costing around INR 3000. But, don’t you worry , this will help your career in a much bigger way. If he doesn’t drink then do things which he is interested in like talk about music, movies, politics (but his favourite party only). You’ll think that this is licking his ass but my friend, its not. You just have to pick some keywords of his area and incorporate into yours.


4. Solution For Solution

For solving your problems, solve his. Basically, this world has problems and everyone seeks for the solution. So, giving them one would give yours. For example, if your boss is having problem with his phone, then consider it your problem and get it fixed. He will indirectly get your problems fixed hence No Problem.


5. Add the supporting lines

This is very interesting one. While taking a sudden leave, you frame some reason behind it and that is the main thing. If you just tell him that you are sick, have some work then he will ghantaa believe you. But , instead , if you ask him to suggest you some suggestion rather than telling him the problem directly like ‘Sir, if you could tell me the doctor, as my cousin(about whom I have told you that day) has become seriously ill…..And one more thing, ask someone to take up my work as I am into this” . Just remember never tell directly.