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5 Ways to change your body without changing your routine

5 Ways to change your body without changing your routine

It is almost all of our desire to change our body somehow but as a human we fear the change. Each and everyone of us wants a healthy body but don’t want to change the regime we follow whether it consist of sleeping late in the night or not exercising and all the unhealthy practices.

So, by working hard, I came to following points which can be proven magnificent and also they do not require much of a change or let’s agree to least change in your daily routine.


1. Wake up whenever you want but…

I know waking up not according to your comfort level isn’t cool in anyway. And believe me when I say that waking early in the morning is not healthy. You must be surprised by this statement. Let me clarify this point. People say that waking up early in the morning lets you breath in oxygen-rich air and hence your mind runs fast in that time. But my friends, as we all know that oxygen is made by plants by process called Photosynthesis which requires sunlight. And, at early morning there is very less sunlight and hence very less oxygen and more of Carbon Di-Oxide. If you want more oxygen, the best time is between 10 and 2 where you get oxygen and Vitamin D in ample amount.

So, just wake up at the suitable time but do complete your sleep.


2. Breakfast = Break First

It is one of the important points that one should consider breakfast as the most important meal of the day. You wake up whenever you want but you must have something to eat within 30-40 minutes. The next question is what is this something? The answer is a mixture of carbs, protein , fibre and probiotic agent. Let me clarify and be less technical. You should have some fruits, boiled eggs/sprouts and rice flakes with curd (dahi – choodha in hindi) with pinch of sugar. I have told you the easiest things to have in the morning as it would be difficult for you to manage the time in that crucial period.


3. Eat less in quantity but more times and more qualitative

As we know 70% of our body depends upon what we eat, 20% on what we do and 10% on how much we rest. And let me tell you one more interesting thing that what you eat depends upon how you eat. If you want the best results, eat less and eat more times and more in quality. The best way is to keep some tits and bits of eatables near you. Have that chatar-patar whenever you want some. But it’s better to keep healthy chatar-patar like oats/nuts/fruits/corns/porridge etc.


4. Have a good evening cheat food

When I say good evening, I mean it. And to make it good, you must eat good(tasty) food. This is the time you can cheat and have your favourite food that can be any roll or gol gappe or anything you like. So, you don’t feel bore and also maintain the balance. Also remember that this cheat food is for the evening and not for the night as your body won’t digest it that well. For night, just have salads and soups.


5. Cheat for Change

Very small changes like climbing stairs instead of going by lift or taking a walk instead of by vehicle or making cooking as your hobby to eat healthy can be wonderful cheaters but for good. The best part is these changes will be small but will make big impact in your body.  Do remember that “eat , drink and be merry” is only possible when you eat good food , drink good and make yourself happyJ

 Hope these points would make your body grow better and you will attain desired outcomes.

Signing off with a healthy note!