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5 Ways of drinking water that can change your life...forever

5 Ways of drinking water that can change your life...forever

It’s not a hidden fact that our very own body is made of 70% water. Hence, being a major constituent of our body it is actually most important….but unfortunately given least importance :(

But, to your surprise, just changing the water and the way you drink it can create wonders (Just like for our ace cricketer Virat Kohli) who drinks special water, ‘Evian’ from France costing around 600 rupees a liter. But the learning here is not the brand of water or the cost but realizing how important is water for your health. So, get ready to change your body just by following simple 5 steps.....I call them Simply5:


1. Let’s start with WATER

Everyday when we wake up, we find an urge of energy/spark/kick to start our day. And believe me, that energy/spark/kick will be there with you if you start your day by having water. After sleeping for 6 hours or more, our body gets dehydrated and it requires water to keep things moving inside our body. We all know that our hormones also get activated as the day starts so to keep the metabolism in active mode, we need to drink at least a 1 liter bottle of water in first 1 hour of the day. This also improves bowel movement and makes your skin glow like gold.

Pro Tip : For Fat loss, drink warm(not hot) water by adding lime and cinnamon powder empty stomach in the morning and you will shed around 1.5 – 2kgs in next 3 weeks.


2. Sip Sip Barsaa Paani

It’s a song that you should sing in your mind while drinking water. By this, I mean that you need to drink it sip by sip and not galloping it at once. This reminds me of “Water , water everywhere , not a single drop to drink” .Your mouth and throat should feel it every time you drink it. This helps in proper reception of water by stomach and other parts. Also, your kidneys won’t get surprise of filtering so much of water at once. So, better the lazy way.

Also , if your urine is yellow in colour or your lips are dried up in normal conditions, this means it’s time to get your body HIGHdrated.

Pro Tip : Keep a water bottle with you and drink by straw which will ensure you drink water and that too sip by sip.


3. Meal ka Patthar

Although, water is important for our body but not at all the time of the day. And that time is before and after having meals (as told by our parents/grandparents). They are scientifically correct. Just don’t have water atleast 30 mins before or 45 mins after having any major meal that is  b’fast , lunch or dinner. (Snacks/chattar pattar can be excluded from this rule). Having water just before/after meals can reduce the digestion in stomach as it lower downs the temperature and also disturbs the pH levels required for the reaction to takes place inside our stomach. I know, this is not easy as you must be having chilled water after hot meal but take my words, this will change your life in a sure shot positive way. in a week’s time you will adapt this change.

Pro Tip : If you find it hard, just have some mouth freshener to reduce the urge of drinking water just after your meal.


4. Sit down , relax but no chill pill

We usually drink water while standing(near refrigerator/water coolers/water purifiers) but that’s not the way we should be drinking it. I am saying this because studies have found that it causes indigestion of food and hence acidity in the middle of your day. This must be shocking to you but this is called GERD (Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease) in which our food comes up to esophagus causing heartburns. Adding to this point, chilled water is the cause of that indigested food. So, please have water at room temperature or even a bit cooler than that but not cold. So the key is sit back , relax , have cool water and be coooool.

Pro Tip :  Having ‘matka’ at home can help. And also as I have mentioned earlier, having bottle at your table can help for this as well.


5. Let’s end with Water

“All is well that ends well”. And what could be better if it ends with the universal solvent , water. Yes, you got it right. While going to bed, try drinking atleast half a litre of water. This will maintain the flow of nutrients properly throughout night and also kick you up in the morning for making you pee ;) Hence,will act as natural alarm. Also, this helps in having sound sleep with no nightmares at all.

Pro Tip : A jug near bed will cover for both night and morning water needs.


With this, I wish your aspirations of major changes in your body will be fulfilled by minor changes done by you in your lifestyle.

Signing off with hope of a change :)