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10 things that you should avoid to do in a job interview

10 things that you should avoid to do in a job interview

Interview is the key step to get job in any company. You always want to portrait your best skills before interviewer. But when you nervous for your interview  and worry too much about making sure every little things goes right, it's easy to forget about things that could go wrong. To avoid the distraction of the interviewer from seeing your best qualities you should avoid doing any such mistakes.

Here are 10 things, you should avoid when you are interviewing for a job:


1. Be arrogant and over-confident

Being confident about you skill and expressing why you are the right fit for the role is fine, but avoid looking over-confident. Maintain the formality of your speech and avoid using slang. Don't blow your interview by acting like you already have the job.


2. Interrupt the interviewer

Try to listen complete question before you start replying. Don't jump in with you answer before the interviewer has finished  asking the question. Listening to someone intently is a good manner and shows your respect for the person.


3. Dress inappropriately

Dressing appropriately is very important for interview. While smart casual may be the current trend, professional attire is still proper business etiquette for interviews. Your first impression is very important.


4. Appear uninformed about the company or role

Read the job description very carefully and don't forget to check the 'About Us' link on the company website before going to interview. You should have the idea of how that company operates. Read the mission and vision of the company properly.


5. Speaking negatively about your current employer

Often interviewer ask you about why you want to leave your current job. Give the reason wisely but never complain about your current employer no matter how despotic or ineffectual they are. Badmouthing won’t reflect well on you.


6. Have your phone on loud/Taking phone calls

For your own interview safety, always remember to turn everything off before you go in. At the very least, leave it on silent. Do NOT use your phone at all during the interview, as it's rude and discourteous to your interviewer's time.


7. Mention you have other interviews

Don't mention your interviewer about it if you are interviewing for other jobs. You should appear dedicated for the job you are interviewing for.


8. Appear disinterested

Employers want somebody who will bring energy and focus to their team, and will engage with the job. Acting disinterested, or failing to show enthusiasm for the opportunity, only signals to employers that you're not interested in this job—and they'll find a candidate instead who is.


9. Sitting down before invited

It’s common courtesy to wait until you’re shown a seat to sit down. Also, avoid slouching or putting your feet anywhere but firmly on the ground.


10. Chew gum or candy

Chewing gum or a mint before an interview is good if you are concerned about bad breath. However, discreetly throw your gum out as you enter an office, or go to the bathroom before an interview and throw it out.


Hope you will find this helpful for your next interview. All the very best for your interview.